Tile & grout cleaning

Advance Cleaning Systems knows how important grout and tile cleaning and grout sealing is to a home or business with tile floors. Most people usually underestimates how dirty tile & grout can get over time. You may not even notice how dirty it was until after you get the tile and grout cleaned and sealed!

Tile flooring can be an expensive investment and a huge part of your home. Cleaning tile and sealing grout by hand can cost your more time, money and energy as you have to be on your hands and knees scrubbing away in large portions of your home. Not to mention, your tile can be damaged if not cleaned professionally. By requesting a professional tile & grout cleaner like Advance Cleaning Systems, you can protect your investments, your wallet, and the quality of your home!

How Can You Clean My Tile?

Depending on the type of tile in your home, the method of your tile cleaning can vary. Whether it’s Porcelain, Ceramic, Saltillo, Travertine, Natural Stone and more, you can rest assured that Advance Cleaning Systems is the right tile & grout cleaning service for you! Advance Cleaning Systems employs experienced tile cleaners and powerful truck mounted steam cleaning. Our rotary power tile cleaning tool has the ability to clean your tile at high pressures. The tile tool pressure is high enough to clean your tile but enough to keep your grout safe from damage.

Our Standard Procedure: (Porcelain & Ceramic Tile)

  1. Pre-Spray Treatment:
    To prepare for your tile cleaning, we start with a pre-spray treatment on your grout and tile to help release all of the filth on and between your tile floor.
  2. Grout Scrubbing
    To get in between your tile, we use a grout scrubbing tool to further loosen all of the dirt and grime between your tile. With the dirt and grime freed from the grout lines, they will become easier to rinse clean.
  3. Tile & Grout Cleaning!
    Now that we have all of the filth unstuck from your tile, it’s now time to eliminate it from your home. Advance Cleaning Systems will use our truck mounted steam cleaning tile tool to extract all of the dirty water from your tile and grout.!
  4. Drying
    Advance Cleaning Systems wants you to be comfortable as soon as possible. We have air movers that can assist in drying your tile & grout floors very quickly! Your tile will be clean in no time at all.
  5. Grout Sealing:
    Advance Cleaning Systems offers an optional tile and grout sealing service to help keep your grout looking fresh. Sealing the tile / grout helps keep your floor on the defensive from any dirt, liquid spills, stains, and keeps the grout from aging badly. Ask our experienced and professional tile & grout cleaners if you are in need of sealant for your tile or grout!

Our Tile Cleaning Locations

Advance Cleaning Systems offers it’s tile & grout cleaning services to multiple cities in Colorado. From Castle Rock, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Monument, Colorado Springs and more, you can call on us! To find out what cities we are available to service, visit our locations page. If you want to be sure, feel free to give us a call or fill our our online contact form.